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Important Announcement of Darnal Award

The Steering Committee of the Darnal Award for Social Justice has decided in its meeting on 22nd October 2016 to award the ‘International Darnal Award for Social Justice’ in an interval of two years, rather than annually. It will continue to be held on August 15th, the anniversary of Suvash Darnal’s tragic death. As the selection process requires enough time at various stages, this decision was made based on suggestions provided by nominators, selection committee members and well- wishers to make the process more systematic and effective.

As such, the next Darnal Award for Social Justice will be announced on 8th June 2018 and every second year following that. The ‘Politics of Dignity and Equity’ seminar series will continue to be held annually on 15th August.

‘दर्नाल अवार्डको महत्वपूर्ण घोषणा’को नेपाली भर्सनका लागि यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस् ।

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