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नेपाली संस्करण मा पढ्नुहोस्

The Darnal Award for Social Justice is a biennial international award that celebrates and honors the short but extraordinary life of Suvash Darnal.

Every two years, the Award recognizes and supports the work of an individual, organization, or a movement that has been steadfastly fighting for social justice, dignity, and a better future for the Dalits and other marginalized people in Nepal and beyond. Sarita Pariyar, wife and partner of late Suvash Darnal, established the Award through her Trust Fund in partnership with Jagaran Media Center, a pioneering media organization dedicated to Dalit issues.

The Award carries a prize of five lakh Nepali rupees (NPR 5,00,000), which is presented every two years on August 15th, the anniversary of Suvash Darnal’s untimely death.

Suvash Darnal deeply respected and admired people fighting for justice and freedom in all corners of the world. This Award is also a tribute to the power of ordinary people who have demonstrated unwavering courage and passion in their efforts to bring change in society. It seeks to inspire everyone to work towards a society that is just, equal and free, especially for the marginalized and disadvantaged. The Award will support the work of the Darnal awardees and build collaborative partnerships with individuals, institutions and movements dedicated to advancing the cause of social justice.

Suvash Darnal and Sarita Pariyar understood that the struggle for social justice and inclusive democracy, especially in a highly stratified society like Nepal, will be a long and complex journey. They also knew that a crucial element of this journey is producing and sharing knowledge. The Darnal Award website will serve as an interactive knowledge platform that encourages people in and outside Nepal to share their ideas and expand the discourse of social justice.

Photo: Dalit children in Baglung, Jagaran Media Center

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