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As this is a new initiative, we invite and seek support from all individuals and organizations committed to social justice to make this website an interactive resource for learning, thoughtful debates and action. We seek to build a global community of people who are striving for equal dignity and justice for all. You can contribute towards building this web resource in many ways:

If you are a student, you can volunteer or intern.

If you are an artist, you can share your work on the website.

If you are an educator or a scholar, you can share your ideas or suggest resources on how to educate the new generation on the importance of social justice.

If you are an IT expert, you can contribute innovative IT solutions for generating and disseminating ideas for action.

If you are an organization or a group engaged in advancing social justice, you can share information on your events, activities, research or studies.

Please email us at darnalaward@gmail.com expressing your interest in this initiative and send us your resume or a profile of your group/organization.

Photo: Suvash Darnal hands over an appeal to Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Sri N.Paul Divakar, general secretary of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights

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नयाँ इतिहास बनाउने प्रश्नहरुको खोजी कार्यको साथमा हाम्रा अतिथिहरु हुनुहुन्छः मोहना अन्सारी, प्रवक्ता राष्ट्रिय मानवअधिकार आयोग, खगेन्द्र संग्रौला राजनीतिक विश्लेषक तथा लेखक, राजेन्द्र महर्जन, लेखक/सम्पादक, डा. सुमित्रा मानन्धर, विजयकान्त कर्ण, पूर्वराजदूत, उज्वल प्रसार्इँ, विश्लेषक/लेखक, संगीत श्रोता, लेखक/सम्पादक र प्राध्यापक अशोक गुरुङ, दि न्यू स्कुल, न्यूयोर्क, अमेरिका । साथमा सामाजिक न्यायका क्षेत्रमा क्रियाशील मध्य र सुदुर पश्चिमका प्रेरणादायी दलित युवा प्रतिभा । ... See MoreSee Less

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Darnal Award for Social Justice - DASJले आफ्नो आवरण तस्वीर अद्यावधिक गर्नुभयो। ... See MoreSee Less

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